Applied Kinesiology

Muscle Testing Infraspinatus
Infraspinatus Treatment Points


Frost AK Muscle Testing for Doctors - Medical Diagnosis - Which Medicine for Which Patient
Repression of Symptoms – The Need for Psychic Work in Physical Illness
Two Types of Muscle Tests – Their Uses and Significance
Psychological Causes of Muscular Imbalance
Conflict Resolution
Psoas Reactive to Contralateral Neck Flexors
The Origin-Insertion Technique
Hypertonic Muscles
Arthritis, Rheumatism, Asthma, Allergies and Other Chronic Degenerative Diseases
Self-Help for Back Pain
A Change in World View: From Newtonian Concepts To Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory
Biological Medicine and the Systems of Regulation
Gerz A Working Definition of AK Muscle Testing

Charts and Graphics

Five-Element Emotion Chart
Behavioral Barometer Emotion Chart
Neurolymphatic Points
Neurovascular Points
Sedation Points
Meridian-Organ-Muscle-Vertebral Correspondence
Circle of Meridians / Muscle Tests
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